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Leadpresso is a source of future clients for digital agencies and SaaS companies in 32 countries. Finding new leads is as fast as making espresso.

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About our data


Our unique database is organized around the largest channel SMBs use to market themselves and communicate with customers - Facebook Business Pages. FB Pages provide a good structure when it comes to categorization, popularity, and general rating of the business. 

To make this database really work for you, we enriched the data using more than 50 sources like websites of businesses, other social networks, ad networks, and others.



15+ million


13+ million

Phone numbers

9+ million

Email Adresses

New  1+ million


Micro-Category Targeting

With more than 1400 categories that companies use to describe their business, you can easily target the most appropriate companies for your solutions.

Most Searched Micro-Categories


Alternative & Holistic Health
Mortgage Brokers
Medical Spa
Real Estate Agent

Nonprofit Organization
Car Dealership
Teeth Whitening

Personal Trainer
Beauty Salon
Insurance Agent
E-cigarette Shops
Coffee Shop

New Advertisers

While it’s almost impossible to convince a tea drinker to order a cup of coffee, it’s similarly hard to turn a marketing non-spender into a spender. With Leadpresso's proprietary Advertiser search you are able to find companies already spending on ads.

If you are selling any kind of social media, marketing or sales services (or software) Advertisers is the right pool of your future clients. We are currently tracking more than 1 million online advertisers.


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Saas Company


Start a personalized outreach at scale using data from Leadpresso. Get emails and other contact information.

Leadpresso works for any kind of B2B Saas and especially well for all social media, marketing, POS, content, and accounting related software companies.


Marketing & Social Media Agency


Look for underperforming companies locally or globally and offer them your services via multiple contact options provided by Leadpresso. Be among first to offer new hot services like Messenger chatbots to new clients at scale. 


Check a case of how Andrew Warner of Bot Academy helps local agencies with Leadpresso



Find local shops, vendors, and partners in multiple countries to grow your distribution network. Data signals like reviews, number of fans and others will help you select the best local partners for your products.


Read a case of how Anze Miklavec uses Leadpresso to acquire new vendors for his coffee brand Goat Story