Millions of Leads at Your Fingertips

Straight forward lead generation

At Leadpresso we are making it easy to identify the right business leads using advanced search and filtering options like:

  • Country
  • City
  • Industry
  • Number of reviews
  • If they advertise online
  • and more

Explore Untaped Niches

Companies grow faster if they specialize in niches. With more than 1700 categories in Leadpresso, you can be sure you'll find enough prospects to grow your company.

Leadpresso gives you a unique overview of social media active companies that can help you identify the best and the largest niches.

Don't Sell to Unsellable

Gary Vee said "Don't Sell to Unsellable" and "Don't Sell to Unmotivated". It's so true.

Selling any kind of broader marketing service or software? Find those that are already convinced that digital marketing and online ads can grow their business. Selling other stuff? Go to those that actually have money to spend - Advertisers

Don't waste time convincing people. Help convinced ones to be better and your bottom line will thank you.

Create lists

Create rounded lists of potential prospects like "Restaurants in San Francisco that advertise online" or "Dentists in London with less than 5 reviews".

Our simple List management helps you organize leads for successful outreach. All Leadpresso plans come with unlimited lists.


Click to Connect

Prospect has to see or hear your message several times before becoming your client. Not all prospects resonate with all communication channels.

That's why we give you multiple ways to contact your prospect. It can be a phone, an email, a Facebook Messenger, or a website. All are just a click away.

Validated Emails

When you decide to outreach via e-mail at scale, it's important you send your message to a working e-mail address. Otherwise, your overall e-mail deliverability will start to go down.

We utilize MX, DNS, SMTP, and additional proprietary technologies in determining the validity of all the addresses you get from us.


Export the data

If you are using an email outreach software or want to add leads into CRM, you can simply export all selected leads using familiar Excel or CSV formats.

We are working on additional options like Google Sheets and special integrations. Feel free to let us know what kind of integration would you need.

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