Why They Use Leadpresso?


Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is the Fastest-Growing Integrated Web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger Bot Platform founded by marketing superstar Larry Kim.

Being a Facebook Messenger platform means all their existing and future clients have a Facebook page. Here is where Leadpresso jumps in and helps Mobile Monkey find the best prospects for their solutions.


Bot Academy

Bot Academy is an online course and community of Facebook Messenger Chatbot builders and agencies. It was created by a startup veteran and Mixergy podcast host Andrew Warner.

Andrew is a no BS guy and when he promises he’ll teach his students how to make chatbots and get customers he means it. At Leadpresso we help Andrew’s students get clients and grow their new chatbot agencies.


Goat Story

Goat Story is an award-winning coffee instruments brand.

Their challenge is to discover and connect with the best local vendors and shops worldwide that share the same mission as them and increase their distribution network. Leadpresso helps them discover relevant shops with excellent reviews so they can focus on connecting with them.


Vend is a venture-backed Point of Sales software for small business retail used by more than 20.000 SMBs worldwide.

Crowded market and a complex transition from one software to another makes it challenging for the sales team at Vend to find new customers. With Leadpresso’s micro-category targeting they can reach to new growing retail segments.


Sqwiz is a smart do it yourself website builder for local companies. It uses the power of Facebook Page, and it’s data to create a responsive website in under 30 seconds.

All of Sqwiz’s current and potential clients are on Facebook and have a Facebook Page. Sqwiz combines Leadpresso with targeted Facebook advertising to reach out to potential clients and grow its user base.


Albert is an award-winning mobile bookkeeping app for invoice and expense automation. 

Albert’s prime users are freelancers, artists, instructors and other solopreneurs. With excellent coverage of micro-categories in Leadpresso, they were able to quickly find the right prospects.

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